Play + Scalikejdbc +Postgres

Create a new project from scala seed

sbt new playframework/play-scala-seed.g8


Import in IntelliJ IDEA.

Open build.sbt and add:


Open conf/application.conf

Add as following


In plugin.sbt add the following


And enable the reverse plugin at build.sbt


Create a configuration file in project/


This configuration will allow us to create a model from existing db tables. Next step is to go a terminal (In IntelliJ IDEA there is a Terminal access on the botton, next to sbt terminal) in the root directory of your project and execute:

sbt "scalikejdbcGen messages Messages"

If all configurations are correct you will get a result like this:



After that a models package containing a Messages case class with the implementation of methods for CRUD are created in our project.

However the automation provided is awesome for this type of examples, since our table has a serial id we need to change the signature of our case class to exclude the id and to implement the date automatically (not provided by)

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