Reactive ScalaJdbc with Flyway Play

  1. Postgres Driver /
  2. Flyway to add reactive non-blocking: flyway/flyway-play (play 2.4 +)/
  3. Scalikejdbc-async here
  4. Edit conf/application.conf add
play.modules.enabled += ""
  1. postgresql-async (More and in depth analysis here)

Add in conf/application.conf

play.modules.enabled += ""


# Database configuration
# ~~~~~
# You can declare as many datasources as you want.
# By convention, the default datasource is named `default`


# ScalikeJDBC original configuration

play.modules.enabled += "scalikejdbc.PlayModule"


  1. Implement SuperMail model
  2. Create REST endpoints
  3. Add to routes
GET        /bars:username                   controllers.Application.getSuperMails(username: String)
POST       /bars                   controllers.Application.createSuperMail


  1. Implement Controller
  2. Test

Original reactive post here.

More details to handle request here (Official lightbend)

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