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Scientology: La estupidez hecha religión

The Church of Scientology is a dangerous cult that foists its dogma upon the gullible public. It oversees the practice of the for-profit religion created by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard (so, inaccurate rumour has it, as part of a bet with Robert A. Heinlein). As a student of various sciences and a creative writer, Hubbard wrote a book called «Dianetics to, essentially, start an unscientific experiment in human psychology based upon hypnosis, Freudian ideas, Buddhism, and other philosophies. A few years later, he founded the Church of Scientology after claiming to have discovered the soul. What followed became more and more ridiculous, as he produced everything from sacred recipes for baby formula to scriptures about alien overlords to massively expensive promises of supernatural abilities for dedicated followers.

Though all cults tend to be draconian about their dogma, after the advent of the internet, the Church became especially draconian in its attempt to stifle open discussion about Hubbard, Dianetics and Scientology.

El líder es bueno, el líder es bello, NO HAY VOLUNTAD, OLVÍDATE DE ELLO.

Los Simpson, Temp 9 E13 The Joy of Sect (La Secta Simpson)


La primera cita son las palabras con las que la RationalWiki describe a la invención de L. Ron Hubbard, y no podría estar más de acuerdo. Muchos le conocen a ésta secta como la religión de los famosos (no los nombraré, no necesitan publicidad, aunque entre ellos esté un actor venido a menos que encarnó a Vincent Vega en la genial Pulp Fiction).

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