Downtown Quito

If I had to suggest a place to visit while touring in Ecuador I would advise you to go downtown Quito. Although San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador’s capital city has grown as a vibrant metropolis with modern buildings and neighborhoods, what truly pays the visit of this city is its lovely colonial district (Centro Histórico).  Hundreds of well-preserved buildings and churches of the Spanish Empire era can be found in this area. While walking through its narrow cobblestone streets you will feel like traveling back in time. Visiting the Church of «Compañia de Jesús» is a must. This magnificent church is one of the best examples of Baroque of Quito style being its most representative features the church’s volcanic rock facade and the imposing gold leaf details of its interior. It is, without a doubt Quito’s crown jewel, a place where the spirituality of its people meets the splendor of a long bygone era.


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Fútbol, cine, historia y literatura. Quejándome del fútbol moderno. Bienvenido a mi morada. Entre libremente, por su propia voluntad, y deje parte de la felicidad que trae.

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  1. romgonru says :

    Maravilloso! Espero algún día poder visitar Ecuador. Saludos.

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